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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Zubaan at Kala Ghoda

So we've all recovered from the Jaipur Literature Festival, but its time now to get back into gear. The Kala Ghoda Festival is right around the corner, four days to go actually. We're really excited to have two of our authors at the Festival.

We'll let you know as soon as the schedule is finalised. But watch out for Annie Zaidi and Natasha Sharma both of whom will be at the festival. Say hello, feel free to start a conversation, and definitely get them to sign your copy.

Dalit Women Speak Out

Aloysius Irudayam S.J., Jayshree P. Mangubhai, Joel G. Lee

445 pp Hb
INR 695
ISBN 9788189884697
All Rights Available

“Women always face violence from men. Equality is only preached, but not put into practice. Dalit women face more violence every day, and they will continue to do so until society changes and accepts them as equals.” — Bharati from Andhra Pradesh 

The right to equality regardless of gender and caste is a fundamental right in India. However, the Indian government has acknowledged that institutional forces arraigned against this right are powerful and shape people’s mindsets to accept pervasive gender and caste inequality. This is no more apparent than when one visits Dalit women living in their caste-segregated localities. Vulnerably positioned at the bottom of India’s gender, caste and class hierarchies, Dalit women experience the outcome of severely imbalanced social, economic and political power equations in terms of endemic caste-class-gender discrimination and violence.

This study presents an analytical overview of the complexities of systemic violence that Dalit women face through an analysis of 500 Dalit women’s narratives across four states. Excerpts of these narratives are utilised to illustrate the wider trends and patterns of different manifestations of violence against Dalit women.

Table Of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Abbreviations
  • A Note from the Authors
  • Introduction
  • 1. Conceptual Framework
  • 2. Profile of Dalit Women
  • 3. The Social Context
  • 4. Forms and Frquency of Violence: An Overview
  • 5. Verbal Abuse
  • 6. Physical Assault
  • 7. Sexual Violence
  • 8. Kidnapping, Abduction and Forced Incarceration
  • 9. Medical Negligence
  • 10. Female Foeticide and Infanticide, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • 11. Casual Factors for Violence
  • 12. Dalit Women’s Courage and Resilience
  • 13. Effects of Violence on Dalit Women
  • 14. Responses to Violence against Dalit Women
  • 15. Concluding Observations
  • Bibliography
  • Glossary
Girl's Guide to a Life in Science


The Girl's Guide to a Life in Science
Ram Ramaswamy, Rohini Godbole, Mandakini Dubey (Eds)
Zubaan Books
204 pp Pb
INR 245
ISBN 9789381017111
All Rights Available

Inspiring, informative, insightful… meet some of India’s most celebrated female scientists. 

What led them to choose their particular field? Who encouraged them? What were their struggles? What are their sources of inspiration? What are the key questions at the cutting edge of modern research? Why choose a life in science at all?

From astrophysics to zoology, learn what it takes to make a career in science.

Order your copy here


Annie Zaidi at the Jaipur Literature Festival

 'The Good Girls Come to Jaipur: Last Words from Lovely Ladies'

Annie Zaidi, Qaisra Shahraz, Manisha Kulshreshta and Samit Basu in conversation with Nisha Susan.

Women Writing Conflict

Urvashi Butalia in conversation with Devi Rajab and Zubaan authors Mitra Phukan and Anita Agnihotri.


Anita Agnihotra at the Jaipur Literature Festival

'Amaar Bangla'
Anita Agnihotri, Radha Chakravarthy, Fakrul Alam,in conversation with Malashri Lal.



Chandrakanta at The DSC Prize Ceremony at the Jaipur Literature Festival

Watch the DSC Prize Ceremony. Our author Chandrakanta didn't win, but she read an excerpt from her brilliant book "A Street in Srinagar". Look out for her and our translator Manisha.

Urvashi Butalia on Bibliodiversity at the Jaipur Literature Festival

A very important subject, one that particularly concerns independent publishers. A must-watch video full of insights, opinions and observations by some of the experts in the field.

Rita Kothari at the Jaipur Literature Festival

‎'Inglish, Amlish, Hinglish: The Chutneyfication of English':

Zubaan author Rita Kothari, Tarun Tejpal with Ira Pande at the Jaipur Literature Festival.

Prison Diaries, featuring Anjum Zamarud Habib

'Prison Diaries'

Iftikhar Gilani, Anjum Zamarud Habib, Sahil Maqbool, moderated by Siddharth Vardarajan.

Mobile version: Enabled