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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Zubaan at the World Book Fair

Dear friends
Do come and see our books at the World Book Fair. We can't afford to have a stall of our own - the book fair has hiked up its prices substantially, and we just don't make enough money back to take a full stand, plus, small publishers have no clout so get relegated to corners and inaccessible places (while the large ones can use money power to get the best locations!). So we've taken a considered decision to save money and spend it on publishing the next book!! But meanwhile, if you are visiting, we'd love you to look at our books which are available from our distributors, Penguin Books India and Cambridge University Press. While Penguin will have all our 'trade' or general books (i.e. fiction, general non fiction, young adult, children), Cambridge will have our academic books. They're located at:

Cambridge University Press : Hall No.6, Stall nos 846-59
Penguin Books India :Hall No.6, Stall nos 989 - 1020

Some of our recent highlights include:

Seventeen, by Anita Agnihotri. Translated by Arunava Sinha
Bitter Wormwood, by Easterine Kire
The Song Seekers, by Saswati Sengupta

Non Fiction
Our Pictures, Our Words: A Visual Journey Through Women's Movement, by Laxmi Murthy and Rajashri Dasgupta

Young Zubaan
Icky Yucky Mucky, by Natasha Sharma. Illustrated by Anitha Balachandran

Dalit Women Speak Out: Caste, Class and Gender Violence in India, by Aloysius Arudayam S.J., Jayshree P. Mangubhai, Joel G. Lee
Shia Women: Muslim Faith and Practice, by Diane D'Souza

Look forward to seeing you there.

The Zubaan Team
Preeti Gill, Anita Roy, Shweta Vachani, Shweta Tewari, Rosalyn D'Mello, Satish Sharma, Elsy Paul, Santosh Singh, Nirmala Chaudhry, Urvashi Butalia

Zubaan Talkies, Take #1: Writing the Self

We're really excited about Take #1 of Zubaan Talkies, our brand-new series which kicks off this Thursday, 9th February at The Attic, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Writing the Self is what we're calling it, and we're hoping to engage you, our audience, in a stimulating discussion about the whole process of documenting the self, by way of autobiography or memoir, especially in a world when gender continues to be so intrinsic to one's identity. We're featuring women's writing, and our host, Anita Roy, will walk you through some of the fascinating issues that emerge the instant one decides to take up the pen and write down the truth about yourself.

Actor extraordinaire, Dan Husain of the Dastangoi fame, will read from Anjum Habib's Prisoner no 100, while Nisha Susan will read from Revathi's excellent autobiography about her life as a hijra, The Truth About Me. 

We're elated to have with us Baby Halder who will read from the Bengali original of her book A Life Less Ordinary, translated into English and published by Zubaan. Trisha Gupta will read from the English translation for the benefit of non-Bengali speakers.

Next up, we have Nitoo Das who will perform a few of her poems, possibly from her excellent collection, Boki. And lastly, we have Pratyaksha who will read two posts from her very popular Hindi blog.

If you've read this far, please consider yourself invited. We'd love to have you. Try to make it by 6.15pm, in time for freshly brewed coffee/tea and some precious homemade biscuits.

And feel free to spread the word and pass on the invite to your friends.

For more details, write to rosalynd@zubaanbooks.com


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