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Pia Alizé Hazarika
PIA ALIZÉ HAZARIKA is an illustrator and designer, primarily interested in comics and visual narrative. Her independent work has been published by Penguin India (The PAO Anthology), Manta Ray Comics, The Pulpocracy, COMIX.INDIA and Captain Bijli Comics - as a contributor/book designer. She runs PIG Studio and is based in New Delhi
Spreading Your Wings: A Health Infocomic for Girls of All Ages

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Meet sisters Anjali and Pooja.

They have a lot of questions about the changes their bodies have begun going through and they’ve enlisted their friends, their myth-busting didi (she’s a doctor!) and their mothers in their search for answers.

Join the adventure to find out what they learn!

This comic book can be read as a story, or used to learn about menstrual health. It's chock-full of beautiful illustrations, projects and game ideas, as well as DIY instructions to make cloth pads. It tackles many persistent myths about menstruation head-on, helping girls to redefine their relationships with their bodies in a positive way and creating the culture of sharing and sisterhood.


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A comprehensive guide to menstruation and personal hygiene illustrated in the form of a comic, and told through the eyes of young girls.



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