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The Glum Peacock

'I'm proud to be white,' the Swan proclaimed.

'I'm proud to be black,' the Raven said.

'And I,' said the Parrot, 'am justly famed for my jacket so green and scarf so red.'

But the Peacock is glum. Very glum indeed. All he wants is to be grey - now that would be really cool, and really chic! so Peacock decides to give all his colours away to the other birds. But does this make him happy? No chance! Luckily, the Glum Peacock needn't stay glum for long with the help of his clever and resourceful friend, Miss Snake.

 Written by one of India's leading authors, this enchanting fable will amuse and delight children learning about colours, birds - and the importance of being happy with who you are. Continue reading

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