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On Topic: What We've Been Reading Lately, Part I

Women’s writing and publishing:

  • Kamila Shamsie’s radical idea to have a year that involves publishing only titles by women in order to address the gender bias in publishing houses.
  • The only titles by women that win awards are ones that are written about men or from a masculinist perspective.


On science & tech and women:


On feminism:

      •  Meena Kandasamy urges people to understand Clinton’s politics (which are acc. To her anti-feminist) before upholding her as the new feminist icon in politics.
      • A fantastic answer to the question “Where are the women?”: on sexism in events, seminars, conferences and panel discussions and the stands you can take.


On that lesbian ad for Anouk:


On women and disability in India


That's all for now, folks - part II up soon!

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