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Rishabh the rat and Shashee the spider are quite happy with the way they are: rummaging around in Venkat Thatha’s wonderful, musty, dusty, rare herbs shop. Until, that is, they stumble upon a magical powder and find themselves transformed into human children.

It’s not easy being a kid: there’s school, and homework, wearing clothes and — yuk! — having to use soap… but even worse, their very home and the entire city are under threat from an evil moneylender and property dealer known as the Shark.

Can Rishabh solve the cryptic clues that lead to King Kempe Gowda’s fabulous treasure before the Shark can get to it? Will the vermin survive Ajji’s herbal pesticide attack? Will Shashee be able to spin her way out of this tangled web of intrigue?

With the help of other children, friendly cockroaches, cheeky mosquitoes, a very Big Bandicoot and a platoon of plucky rodents, they set out to prove that no problem is too big even for the smallest of creatures.

“These are exciting times for children, with fiction such as Monideepa Sahu’s Riddle of the Seventh Stone — a unique take on ordinary events and creatures that we take so much for granted, things that get extraordinary in her gifted hands.”
—Shreekumar Varma
Zubaan Books

Rs. 195

What does it take to become an airline pilot? A camerawoman? A surgeon? A choreographer? A vet? A wildlife expert? A senior banking executive? An actress? A TV reporter? 

Women are entering and leading so many different fields these days, the career options for youngsters have never been wider, or more confusing! Together in this book for the first time, each of these extraordinary women has made a mark in her chosen profession. They give first-hand accounts of how they got their first lucky break, how they made their way in their chosen profession, what challenges and opportunities they faced.

Including Nandita Das • Barkha Dutt • Sanjna Kapoor • Naina Lal Kidwai
• Blossom Kochhar • Kalpana Sharma and many more.

“Simple, straightforward but thoroughly inspiring. A most commendable effort” -- Dawn

Rs. 150

It's MADRAS 1910. Poesy and Tilly are caught in a scandal that will change their lives forever. Singing and dancing across a hundred stages as members of a troupe of Australian child performers, called The Lilliputians, they travel by steam train into the heart of India. But as one disaster follows another, money runs short and tempers fray. What must the girls do to protect themselves and how many lives will be ruined if they try to break free?

Based on a real historical incident, award-winning writer Kirsty Murray tells a tale of intrigue and skullduggery, of friendships made and betrayed, set against the heat and dust of a lost Empire.

The Lilliputians is not only a gripping adventure story, but a vividly imagined historical novel, that will enthrall young readers and take them on an unforgettable journey back in time...

“This captivating historical story will take you back to a different era and completely immerse you in the travels and troubles that happen on tour. Kirsty Murray has done a great job bringing the childrens’ tale to life!”—Hannah Mariska

Rs. 295

India’s top ten best-loved animal fables come to life in a new and lively collection by Bittie Mithal.

Superb colour illustrations by Premola Ghose accompany the stories of how the monkey manages to escape being a crocodile’s breakfast, the crows escape from the hungry black snake, how the merchant’s beautiful parrot finally finds her freedom, and how even the king of the elephants needs the help of the smallest creatures sometimes.

This beautiful collection makes perfect read-aloud bed-time stories for younger children, and a gift to treasure for children starting to read for themselves.

Rs. 120

Do you sometimes feel Anxious? Bored? Confused? Depressed? Enervated? Fat? Glum? Horribly Irritated? Jealous? Kleptomaniac? Low-down? Miserable? No? Or Perhaps Quite Rapturous? Super-Trendy, Uplifted, Very Wonderful, eXtremely ... Yawn.... Zzzzzzz....

Life’s tough for a kid, and problems come in all shapes and sizes: from agonizing auntie-jis to zealous parents, from acne to zits. But don’t worry – help is here! This little book is packed with hints, advice, information, things to get you thinking, stuff to do, and loads of fun for kids of all shapes and sizes. Because no matter how big (or small) the problem, you know it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Reena Daruwalla divides her time between Delhi and Mumbai. Her favourite pastime is playing with Pépé, her daschund.

Rs. 125

This delightful, and insightful, tale is told by one of Bhutan's leading writers, Kunzang Choden. "Neypo shong gna? Is there room for me?" a wandering monk asks the little old lady who lives on the hill. The question is repeated again and again as more and more visitors remove by. The kind lady welcomes them in, one by one. And the story ends with the teaching: “There will always be room in your home, as long as there is room in your heart.”

Along with Aunty Mouse, this charming picture book makes perfect bedtime reading for youngsters, and is beautifully illustrated with evocative watercolours of the Bhutanese landscapes and people by Pema Tshering.

Rs. 195

This delightful folktale from Bhutan is retold by one of the country's leading writers, Kunzang Choden. 
One day, a poor young orphan girl finds unexpected riches when she topples down a mousehole and is befriended by its charming occupant. But when a spoilt, rich brat tries to replicate the experience, her gifts are quite the opposite!

Along with Room in Your Heart, these charming picture books will make perfect bedtime reading for youngsters, and are beautifully illustrated with evocative watercolours of the Bhutanese landscapes and people by Pema Tshering.

Rs. 195

When Sunil is sent to stay with his Uncle Vish, he doesn't know quite what to expect.All he knows is that it's a long way from the city to the jungles of Madhya Pradesh, and that his Uncle's job is to protect the tigers that live there.

Befriended by a little Adivasi girl called Jungu, Sunil soon has to face some tough questions. If the tigers are to survive, then the people must be moved out of the forest. But what will happen to Jungu and all the other Baiga villagers? Don't they have a right to be there? And meanwhile, there's a very real, very dangerous gang of poachers to be caught...

Vithal Rajan's delightful tale of an unusual friendship between a city boy and an Adivasi girl introduces, children to the magical world of the Baigas, teaching tolerance, respect and the importance of protecting the natural environment.

Rs. 250

In the land of eighteen tides, where three rivers meet, deep inside a mangrove forest near the Bay of Bengal, there lived thousands and thousands, maybe even gazillions, of honeybees, ruled by the Bee Goddess.

The bees filled their honeycombs with rich, golden honey - liquid light, some called it - until it ran down trees like rivulets of sunshine. All the animals and birds loved it, but one person loved honey more than anyone in the world: a little spiky-haired boy called Shonu.

One day, driven by hunger, Shonu breaks the honey-hunters' golden rule and sets off into the forest. Will he find the honey he so loves? Or will he be caught by He-Whose-Name-Must-Not-Be-Taken, the mighty and terrible Demon-Tiger?

Join one of India's finest poets and one of France's best-loved illustrators on a visual and poetic journey to the heart of the Sundarban.

Rs. 395


Shortlisted for the 2008-2009 Grand Canyon Reader Award Master List, USA
Selected by the Children's Library Guild, USA, 2007

In a small, sleepy town in northern India, three children gaze out onto a rain-drenched street, waiting for a most unusual guest. Their father's younger brother is coming to stay. Who is Younguncle? What?s his real name? Was he really, truly kidnapped by monkeys when he was little? Can he really make a noise like a sewing machine? Will he ever (heaven forbid!) Settle Down and Get Married? When he finally arrives, Sarita, Ravi and the baby know instantly that their lives will never be the same again.

Meet India's newest and most engaging literary creation, as he outwits the local hoodlums, rescues the town's finest milk-cow, evades the baby's schemes to eat his shirts, flummoxes unwanted in-laws, plucks the hair from a sleeping tiger's tail, and generally turns the world upside-down. The adventures of Younguncle and his family will entertain, delight and amuse readers of any age -- from babies to ancient old fossils.

"Vandana Singh is a fresh, new voice in children's fiction, this book is a treat that has you turning the pages with a smile and the last page with a sigh." -- R. Sriram, CEO & MD, Crossword Bookstores

"One of the best children's books I saw this year, Younguncle Comes to Town has none of the self-consciousness you often find in adults who write for children, very plausible dilemmas and a delightful style" -- Nilanjana Roy, Business Standard

"Vandana Singh is a most promising and original young writer" -- Ursula K. LeGuin, author of The Earthsea Trilogy

Rs. 150

The thrilling sequel to Payal Dhar's A Shadow in Eternity.

"I never got to tell him I'm sorry."

Meet Maya Subramaniam: thirteen years old, schoolgirl by day, Preferred by night. Throw in a pair of disapproving parents intent on stopping her forays into an alternate world, a two-metre-tall Watcher who can sense her state of mind, and a best friend who could technically be her worst enemy. Certainly, Maya's life is quite full, and the last thing she needs is an unpleasant involvement with an ancient conspiracy. But being in possession of a valuable artefact belonging to the renegade Warriors of the Shadow, she has little choice in the matter. The question is, should she believe a two-thousand-year-old jumble of calculations, or follow her instincts and trust her Watcher's logic? As events spiral towards a grim climax, Maya, Lev and their Watchers are caught in a deadly race. Will they win? And at what cost.

Rs. 295

The final installment of Payal Dhar's thrilling Shadow in Eternity trilogy. Maya Subramaniam's life is far more complex than that of an average fourteen-year-old. The youngest Halvard of the Sands of Time, torn between loyalty to her family and to her Watcher, and dogged by a prophcy that predicts her to be the cause of the destruction of time itself... honestly, how much can one person take? An adolescent caught up in a world of grown-ups, Maya finds herself in the middle of a Warrior conspiracy to see the Ai'diyar Prophecy to its conclusion. Homeless and confused, convinced that she wrecks the lives of those she loves, Maya finds herself doubting her ability to see right from wrong. rnAs she and her friends stumble into the Timeless Land, she is faced with a choice that could have a devastating impact on reality as we know it.

Rs. 295
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