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Young Zubaan's collection of gorgeously illustrated books for young readers.

Explore the mysteries of sentences and punctuation with Squiggle, take a peek into Mr. Jeejeebhoy's famed sweetshop, or meet Aunty Mouse in Bhutan with Tashi Doma!

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An essential guide to the best Indian children's books available in the market.

An invaluable guide to some of the very best Indian children's books in English. From beloved classics to the latest publications, this book is a must-have one-stop shop for teachers, parents, kids, librarians, bookstores and indeed anyone interested in children's books. Conveniently divided according to age-groups from 0 to 15, the books have been reviewed by a range of readers, children as well as adults, who simply love that book and want to share their enthusiasm with others. In a list that has been extensively and collaboratively compiled by some of the leading experts, publishers, writers, booksellers and teachers in the country, 101 Indian Children's Books We Love, is sure to be a classic.

The guide is supplemented by essays by leading Indian language experts on children's literature in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and Malayalam, an essay on bilingual books by Radhika Menon of Tulika, extended entries on key figures such as Ruskin Bond, Satyajit Ray and Jim Corbett, and on the importance of early learning by leading UK book consultant Wendy Cooling.

"A gem of a book"-- Sanjna Kapoor


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A comprehensive guide for people looking for rounded and inclusive feminist books for children, by Zubaan's very own Anita Roy.

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Join the animals of Janwar Dosti — Tunnu the tiger, Zero the giraffe, Lucky the rabbit and all their jungle friends — on a magical historical journey through Delhi. Explore its many wonderful monuments, and discover new places to see and things to do. Tales of Historic Delhi is the perfect guidebook for families visiting the city, and a whole new way to bring history alive.

Come and take a walk back through time with the animals and birds to discover historic Delhi!

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