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Feminist, socially aware literature for young adults by Young Zubaan.

Meet twelve-year-old Sarojini as she writes letters to Sarojini Naidu and navigates her life in Dear Mrs Naidu or explore speculative fiction in our anthology, Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean.

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 Be transported into dystopian cities and alternate universes.

Hang out with unicorns, cyborgs and pixies.

 Learn how to waltz in outer space.
amazed and beguiled by a fairy tale with an unexpected twist,
futuristic take on a TV cooking show,
and a playscript with

 In other words, get ready for a wild ride!

This collection of sci-fi and fantasy writing, including six graphic stories, showcases twenty of the most exciting writers and artists from India and Australia, in an all-female, all-star line-up!

Contributors include:

Samhita Arni, Kuzhali Manickavel, Manjula Padmanabhan, Vandana Singh, Payal Dhar, Anita Roy, Annie Zaidi, Penni Russon, Kate Constable, Isobelle Carmody, Justine Larbalestier, Alyssa Brugman, Kirsty Murray, Margo Lanagan, Priya Kuriyan, Prabha Mallya, Amruta Pail, Lily Mae Martin, Nicki Greenberg and Mandy Ord.


YZ Category Image - Young AdultA collection of speculative fiction for young adults. It is an excellent way to introduce young readers to a number of feminist world issues and its attendant intersections.




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In the third of the Foxy Four adventures, Charu, Padma, Jahan and Mandy are at it again: solving mysteries, breaking the rules, dodging eagle-eyed gatekeepers, careening around in Aunt Razia’s car, and driving their school principal crazy!

Travel with our four feisty friends to a crumbling old haveli in Bhopal; to the Kalakshetra dance school in Chennai; pandal-hopping at Durga Puja; and crime-busting in the gullies of Old Delhi.

Each story is narrated by one of the girls. Mandy, the fashionista babe, reveals a surprising brain beneath that perfect hair. Padma may be a computer geek, but she knows a thing or two about classical dance. Jahan seems like the cool-headed type, but even she gets the shivers in a haunted haveli. And then there’s Charu, who everyone knows, is just destined to be a writer...


YZ Category Image - Young AdultPerfect for young readers that enjoyed The Baby-Sitters Club series by Ann M. Martin and Nancy Drew books.




Rs. 295

It's MADRAS 1910. Poesy and Tilly are caught in a scandal that will change their lives forever. Singing and dancing across a hundred stages as members of a troupe of Australian child performers, called The Lilliputians, they travel by steam train into the heart of India. But as one disaster follows another, money runs short and tempers fray. What must the girls do to protect themselves and how many lives will be ruined if they try to break free?

Based on a real historical incident, award-winning writer Kirsty Murray tells a tale of intrigue and skullduggery, of friendships made and betrayed, set against the heat and dust of a lost Empire.

The Lilliputians is not only a gripping adventure story, but a vividly imagined historical novel, that will enthrall young readers and take them on an unforgettable journey back in time...

“This captivating historical story will take you back to a different era and completely immerse you in the travels and troubles that happen on tour. Kirsty Murray has done a great job bringing the childrens’ tale to life!”—Hannah Mariska


YZ Category Image - Young Adult


Winner of NSW Premier’s History Award, and The Young People’s History Prize 2011, this book tells a thrillingly adventurous story of Australian child circus performers who travel to India in search of fame. Readers who enjoyed Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus and Philip Pullman's Sally Lockhart quartet might enjoy this title!


Rs. 295

Do you sometimes feel Anxious? Bored? Confused? Depressed? Enervated? Fat? Glum? Horribly Irritated? Jealous? Kleptomaniac? Low-down? Miserable? No? Or Perhaps Quite Rapturous? Super-Trendy, Uplifted, Very Wonderful, eXtremely ... Yawn.... Zzzzzzz....

Life’s tough for a kid, and problems come in all shapes and sizes: from agonizing auntie-jis to zealous parents, from acne to zits. But don’t worry – help is here! This little book is packed with hints, advice, information, things to get you thinking, stuff to do, and loads of fun for kids of all shapes and sizes. Because no matter how big (or small) the problem, you know it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Reena Daruwalla divides her time between Delhi and Mumbai. Her favourite pastime is playing with Pépé, her daschund.


YZ Category Image - Tweens


This book is chockful of helpful advice for children and teens on how to handle a range of sticky situations, from eve teasing and alcohol to chewing gum and nightmares.



Rs. 125

The final installment of Payal Dhar's thrilling Shadow in Eternity trilogy. Maya Subramaniam's life is far more complex than that of an average fourteen-year-old. The youngest Halvard of the Sands of Time, torn between loyalty to her family and to her Watcher, and dogged by a prophcy that predicts her to be the cause of the destruction of time itself... honestly, how much can one person take? An adolescent caught up in a world of grown-ups, Maya finds herself in the middle of a Warrior conspiracy to see the Ai'diyar Prophecy to its conclusion. Homeless and confused, convinced that she wrecks the lives of those she loves, Maya finds herself doubting her ability to see right from wrong. As she and her friends stumble into the Timeless Land, she is faced with a choice that could have a devastating impact on reality as we know it.


YZ Category Image - Young Adult


The third book in Payal Dhar's acclaimed fantasy series, A Shadow in Eternity. Readers of sweeping, epic fantasy fiction would enjoy this series.



Rs. 295

What is happening to my body? Am I attractive? Am I 'normal'? Do I want to be? What is this sex stuff really all about? When is the right time to start? How will I know if my relationship is good for me? Can I have fun safely? Will it still be fun? In this book, young adults can find information about different aspects of sexuality and relationships. The Blue Book has been written keeping in mind what young adults may want to know and what they might already know but might be confused by. It is a guide to exploring sexuality as well as a great conversation-starter for any questions young adults might have.


YZ Category Image - Young Adult


A comprehensive guide for growing children that answers many questions that surround the uncomfortable process of growing up, from questions about their bodies to safe sex practices.




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When fifteen-year-old Samir discovers that he's got new neighbours, he's horrified: he's left certain 'secret documents' in their flat, which should not be seen by anyone - and especially not by a cute girl his own age like Akhila Handa! But to Samir's surprise and relief, Akhila is amazingly sporting about them, and pretty soon their friendship blossoms as Samir gets to know the family: the bouncy boxer dog, Akhila's younger brother Sumit, who is 'a bit slow', and their strangely withdrawn mother. And most of all, her jolly, affectionate father who dotes upon his daughter.

Dotes, perhaps, a little too much...

Samir slowly comes to realise that all is far from well in the Handa family, and an incredible and terrible suspicion begins to form.

Smitten is a story that dares to talk about sexual abuse within the family. It is a story of love, and its opposite. Of bravery and cowardice. Of tough decisions and loyalties sorely tested.

With characteristic lightness and sureness of touch, Ranjit Lal tackles one of the great taboos in Indian society. A must for every school library and bookshelf, the book includes discussion points and questions to facilitate conversations in the classroom or at home.


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A novel for young adults that deals with the difficult subject of child sexual abuse.




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An essential guide to the best Indian children's books available in the market.

An invaluable guide to some of the very best Indian children's books in English. From beloved classics to the latest publications, this book is a must-have one-stop shop for teachers, parents, kids, librarians, bookstores and indeed anyone interested in children's books. Conveniently divided according to age-groups from 0 to 15, the books have been reviewed by a range of readers, children as well as adults, who simply love that book and want to share their enthusiasm with others. In a list that has been extensively and collaboratively compiled by some of the leading experts, publishers, writers, booksellers and teachers in the country, 101 Indian Children's Books We Love, is sure to be a classic.

The guide is supplemented by essays by leading Indian language experts on children's literature in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and Malayalam, an essay on bilingual books by Radhika Menon of Tulika, extended entries on key figures such as Ruskin Bond, Satyajit Ray and Jim Corbett, and on the importance of early learning by leading UK book consultant Wendy Cooling.

"A gem of a book"-- Sanjna Kapoor


YZ Category Image - Young Readers YZ Category Image - Tweens YZ Category Image - Young Adult

A comprehensive guide for people looking for rounded and inclusive feminist books for children, by Zubaan's very own Anita Roy.

Rs. 195
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