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Projects Overview

Zubaan Publishers Consultancies

Fragrance of Peace

Sasakawa Peace Foundation is funding this project, which aims to broaden the scope of research and work in the Northeastern states of India by strengthening existing networks, building partnerships with individuals, writers and artists, and encouraging cultural exchange. A significant part of the project uses the publishing platform to showcase literature from the eight states in Northeast India. A recent anthology, Centrepiece: New Writing and Art from Northeast India (2018), brings together 22 writers to focus on women, work and identity, and two additional books on Manipur and Nagaland are in the planning stages. In addition, the project will provide small grants to young researchers from the area to develop work on a range of issues. More details will be available shortly.



The Zubaan trust, established in 2003, has worked on various projects in its fifteen years of publishing. Some of our recent work is:

Stepping Stones & Body of Evidence

Stepping Stones and Body of Evidence are sister projects of the Zubaan Trust. Both aim to take forward the findings of the Sexual Violence and Impunity (SVI) Project, which concluded in 2016, using different creative forms, such as script writing workshops, theatrical performances, etc., and to generate discussions among students and youth in universities, medical colleges, law schools and centres for business management. The overall objective is to work through participatory media to create the social space for open, transformational dialogues with youth on understanding structures of violence, particularly sexual violence and impunity.

Stepping Stones is a two-country project (India & Nepal) that works in collaboration with Panos South Asia (Kathmandu) and is funded by the International Development & Research Centre, while Body of Evidence is an India based project supported by the Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan.

SVI Logo HR - 10SVI Project

Funded by the IDRC, the Sexual Violence and Impunity Project is an ambitious and wide-ranging study into sexual violence in conflict areas across the South Asia region. Bringing together individuals and groups working in five different countries - India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka - the project ran for a period of three and a half years and concluded in 2016.
For a full description of the scope of this pioneering study, visit the SVI Project website.

Poster Womenposter-Women-head

In 2006 Zubaan began work on a long-cherished dream: to map the women’s movement in India through the posters the movement had produced. The idea was to ask what the history of the movement would look like through its posters and the visual images it had used, the various campaigns that the movement has engaged with and the forms these campaigns have taken over a period of time.
With over 2,000 posters, placards and cloth banners, the Poster Women archive is now accessible online. We hope that the archive will serve not only women’s groups, feminist activists and other involved with the women’s movement in India, but will also be useful for students and researchers in the field of women’s studies, visual culture, arts and aesthetics and anyone who loves posters!
Take a look for yourself: visit the archive.

copbiggerCultures of Peace

Cultures of Peace – Festival of the Northeast tries to showcase the diverse and vivid cultures of India’s Northeast through writing, music, film, theatre, media, photography and so on and bring important, pertinent discussions to the forefront of public discourse. It aims to build bridges and make connections with the rest of India, and to create awareness of the region, as it is, in its present day context.

Since it started in 2011, the festival has been organised by Zubaan in collaboration with Khublei and supported by the Heinrich Boll Foundation. The festival is conceptualised and produced by Preeti Gill and Mary Therese Kurkalang, the festival directors. It was held at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi for two years consecutively. In January/ February 2014 the third edition of Cultures of Peace was held across several cities: Pune, Mumbai and Guwahati in collaboration with local partners. For more information visit the programme website.

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