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Zubaan's lunchtime conversations go digital

Hello, Zubaan supporter, fellow Internet wanderer, and/or accidental(ly on purpose?) link-clicker:

Welcome to the Zubaan blog, version 2.0! After a brief (read: three year long) respite, we're excited to bring back this space as a forum to engage with conversations of cultural relevance and urgency, ones that occupy central and marginal places within South Asian feminisms. The big stuff, the small stuff. The new and old. Bits of digital ephemera, and the decidedly not-so-ephemeral. Things that Zubaan is pondering, and those of importance to the communities to which we are connected. All in all, a versatile, dynamic space with no one voice - but a space that, like Zubaan, remains outspoken, independent, unorthodox and feminist.

What to expect: think pieces; featured interviews with writers, artists, scholars; archive-digging and its treasures; behind-the-scenes looks at the publishing process; information about Zubaan's literary and research projects; guest posts by young scholars/thinkers - in-depth and wide-ranging in a way that other social media doesn't allow.

What not to expect: freedom from Harry Potter references.

So here goes this exercise in community-building - one we hope that you will participate in as well, to challenge us and make us think, with tongues untied (and sometimes in-cheek).

Constant vigilance,
The Zubaan Team

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