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Reader Review: Stilettos in the Boardroom by Shruti Saxena


Set in this age of the flourishing BPO industry in the suburb of Gurgaon, Stilettos in the Boardroom weaves the stories of three women protagonists who find themselves stuck in different problematic circumstances at their workplace - BankPro. Arya is the ambitious pretty girl in her 20s, already at the top of the hierarchy with a fancy work title. Shiva is a recently married woman who found her calling to a full time job and a career which propels her to pursue her dreams. Sara is the youngest one, a feisty  girl who fights her conservative parents to work in a ‘call centre’ at night.

The problem begins when the DCP (Defect Correction Process) of BankPro is outsourced to the Indian counterpart of an American company called CBS .While Arya tries to compete fiercely for the top position to be offered after the outsourcing, Shiva, in the HR department, gets involved in interviewing candidates for targeted hiring.

At the same time, Shiva finds out her husband is having an extramarital affair., Arya gets emotionally involved with her boss, and Sara rejects the groom her parents select for her.

Work, men, and life: Stilettos in the Boardroom is a 21st century Indian woman's novel.

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