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Reader Review: A Life Less Ordinary by Baby Halder

It’s the memoir of a woman who has seen all of life’s pains and struggles at the tender age of fourteen after being hurriedly and secretly married off to a man twice her age. Abused and beaten up by her parents and later by her husband, Baby has suffered all and yet kept the courage to fight back the odd circumstances.

It’s the extraordinary story of an ordinary person who refused to submit herself to fate, escaping her incorrigible husband and uncaring family to sustain her own and her childrens’ lives in a new city, all alone.

Baby’s decision to work as a maid in the city of Gurgaon, miles away from her hometown Durgapur was full of challenges, with working hours of ‘24*7’,  no rest and insufficient food. The social stigma of being an unmarried woman with children was, at times, impossible to bear.

However, her life took a U-turn after she took up work in the house of Prabodh Kumar who nurtured her interesting in books, and was the driving force behind the writing of her powerful novel.

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