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Zubaan Talkies, Take #4: The Young Zubaan Special, Thursday May 17

After a really fantastic Take #3, The Feminist Kitchen, we're getting ready for a children's special Talkie on Thursday, May 17, for kids from 6 to 9 years. We've teamed up with The Pomegranate Workshop who are really professionals in the field of kids' workshops and we're really excited to present to you two very unique sessions that will unleash your kid's creative and imaginative spirit.

Do spread the word. We hope it will help kick off a great summer!

You can register for either one or both workshops. They're on the same day. Registration is compulsory, along with advance payment. We'll be providing all the materials, and every kid gets a "Tales of Historic Delhi" notebook free!


Age Group: 6-9yrs

Session Duration: 11 am to 1 pm

Fee per child: Rs. 370

15 Seats Available

Premola Ghose's Tales of Historic Delhi traces the journey of a group of friendly animals across the historic and cultural splendours ofDelhi. The book explains how different rulers acrossDelhi's history have attempted to stamp their claim on it by building and rebuilding the city in their own style and to their own ends. As the character of Dr. Kamala states: "...it's not even one city: it's lots of different cities built one on top of the other."

Through various extracts and pictures selected from the text, the children will be introduced to the story and to the many layers of the city built on top of each other, playing around with snippets of information and fiction that form the text. The children will then be asked to imagine themselves as future Kings of Delhi, and design a Delhi in the style that they would like it to be - replete with its structures, its monuments, its bazaars and of course their own palaces. The point of the session is for children to arrive at a deeper understanding of the city and also have fun playing around withDelhito make it their own.

The workshop will be conducted by a facilitator from the Visual Arts stream who will get the children to visualize a city of their own and then render it in their own inimitable way using a variety of art materials geared to stimulating the imagination and encouraging spontaneous expression.


Age Group: 10-14yrs

Session Duration: 3-5pm

Fee per child: Rs. 370

12 Seats Available

Thanks to a profusion of films and books for children that are centered on Extra-Terrestrial beings, we're fairly familiar with 'The Alien': A weird looking creature descending from a futuristic spaceship and bearing hi-tech gadgetry. Which is interesting because to an extra terrestrial we would seem to be a weird looking creature lacking even basic interstellar transport and wielding primitive gadgetry. In other words: to an alien, we're alien.

You can be alien without being an alien. Monideepa Sahu's Riddle of the Seventh Stoneshows puts us in the minds of two creatures who feel so alien that they might as well be aliens: it is a story of a rat and a spider who are suddenly transformed into a boy and a girl, and how they find it difficult to reconcile their new identities with their old ways.

This workshop focuses on Point of View as a means to exploring character. Children are encouraged to imagine themselves as different characters - from extra terrestrials to earthly animals to any weird beings that they want to be - and write short descriptive and narrative passages in the voice of their alien character. The children will read extracts from the novel and also from other stories about such sudden transformations, discuss their ideas on what it means to be 'alien' and also explore the concept of 'alien' as 'different'.

The workshop will be conducted by a facilitator from the literary field who will get the children to flex their creative muscles, invent characters and create original stories.

Participation by registration only. Call Akshat Nigam 9582590444 or email akshat@tpw.in to register. Payment to be made in advance only, either to The Attic 10 Regal Buildings, New Delhi 110001 or to Zubaan Books, 128-B, First Floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi 110049

Cash or Cheques in favour of “Amarjit Bhagwant Singh Charitable Trust”

Zubaan Talkies, Take #2: Mad Women in The Attic

Beware the ides of March!

Thursday, March 15, 6.30pm, The Attic, CP.

Feminist Fables and Ghost Stories.

Presented by Arunava Sinha, Rehaan Engineer, Anita Roy and Rosalyn D'Mello.

Write to rosalynd@zubaanbooks.com for details.

Entry is absolutely free and open to all. Bring friends, bring enemies, bring garlic. Spooky stuff!

Zubaan Talkies, Take #1: Writing the Self

We're really excited about Take #1 of Zubaan Talkies, our brand-new series which kicks off this Thursday, 9th February at The Attic, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Writing the Self is what we're calling it, and we're hoping to engage you, our audience, in a stimulating discussion about the whole process of documenting the self, by way of autobiography or memoir, especially in a world when gender continues to be so intrinsic to one's identity. We're featuring women's writing, and our host, Anita Roy, will walk you through some of the fascinating issues that emerge the instant one decides to take up the pen and write down the truth about yourself.

Actor extraordinaire, Dan Husain of the Dastangoi fame, will read from Anjum Habib's Prisoner no 100, while Nisha Susan will read from Revathi's excellent autobiography about her life as a hijra, The Truth About Me. 

We're elated to have with us Baby Halder who will read from the Bengali original of her book A Life Less Ordinary, translated into English and published by Zubaan. Trisha Gupta will read from the English translation for the benefit of non-Bengali speakers.

Next up, we have Nitoo Das who will perform a few of her poems, possibly from her excellent collection, Boki. And lastly, we have Pratyaksha who will read two posts from her very popular Hindi blog.

If you've read this far, please consider yourself invited. We'd love to have you. Try to make it by 6.15pm, in time for freshly brewed coffee/tea and some precious homemade biscuits.

And feel free to spread the word and pass on the invite to your friends.

For more details, write to rosalynd@zubaanbooks.com


Zubaan Talkies Take 1/Writing the Self

February 9, 2012

The Attic, CP,Delhi


For centuries, women’s narratives have been sustained through the space of the memoir and the autobiography. These genres offer women the possibility of recounting the story of their lives and their experiences first-hand. Indian literature has been enriched by these re-tellings, these attempts by women to write their selves.

“Writing the Self”, Take 1 of Zubaan Talkies, pays tribute to these narratives. The event will feature readings from a selection of excerpts from first-person accounts by writers such as Rashsundari Devi, Binodini Dasi, Kamala Das, Sister Jesme, Baby Halder, Revathy, Anjum Zamrud Habib, and others. The event will also feature performances by women writers and poets who will perform original work.

Feel free to bring along extracts from your own personal diaries/blogs.

The final selection of excerpts and readers will be confirmed in a few days.

Anita Roy, senior editor at Zubaan will be the host for the evening.

Zubaan Talkies: Take One: Writing the Self
Presenting "Zubaan Talkies", Produced by Zubaan Books in collaboration with The Attic, Delhi
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