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First submissions should include a covering letter that should provide some brief information about yourself as the author/editor and your co-authors, where appropriate, including any details of previous publications. Plus, a synopsis of the work, a contents list with a short paragraph describing each chapter and a sample chapter or chapters (up to three). If the Zubaan editorial board is interested, you will be asked to send the entire manuscript.

Please use the form below to submit attachments. Please stick to Word or PDF formats and use straightforward descriptive file names.


You will hear from us within 8-12 weeks of submission if the editorial team feels your manuscript fits in Zubaan's publishing lists.

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Please give the contents in as detailed a manner as possible, including a chapter wise synopsis.

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Please list (both Indian and foreign) that will compete with your titles. How is your book different from them?


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If you prefer to send by post, see address below. Remember to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you require your material to be returned to you; otherwise it will be recycled.

Send Submissions to Zubaan,
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