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The Publishing Process

  • 1 Once you are totally happy that your manuscript is as absolutely final as it can be, send it to the commissioning editor. At this stage it will be copyedited either by the in-house editor or by one of our freelance team.
  • 2 You will receive author queries from the copy-editor.
  • 3 The copy-edited Manuscript is then finalised and sent to the typesetter to layout the pages.
  • 4 The typesetter sends back the first proofs, which will be sent to both you and an independent proof-reader.
  • 5 The author’s and the proofreader’s corrections are then marked up on to one set of proofs and returned to the typesetter for corrections. Usually, there are two rounds of proofing.
  • 6 Simultaneously with this, the cover is being designed.
  • 7 Once the cover has been finalised, it is sent, along with the final proofs to the printer for printing. The final PDF of the book is converted to eBook format for digital release. Physical printing of the book usually takes 4-6 weeks.
  • 8 Printer sends the stock to the distributor who then sends out to retailers.

It normally takes around 9 months from submitting the final Manuscript to the publishers to publication date. Once the Manuscript is in production, the publishers will be in touch with the author regarding publicity and marketing plans.

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