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Zubaan and eBooks

All Zubaan's titles from 2007 onwards are now available as ebooks. We are currently in the process of digitising all our older titles as well and hope to make them available for download very soon. What's more, we have decided to keep Zubaan's ebooks completely DRM-Free.

What does DRM-free mean?

DRM is short for digital rights management. It is a technology applied to ebooks and other digital media to manage their distribution and use, and works by restricting the kind of access users have to digital content. DRM-enabled ebooks have restrictions in the way they can be copied, shared, printed or read aloud.

The issue of applying DRM to digital content is a controversial one for copyright holders and readers alike. Many publishers and online retailers believe that DRM helps fight copyright infringement and have therefore made it an intrinsic part of their e-distribution systems. Those who oppose DRM believe that the only people it inconveniences are legitimate customers by hampering their reading experience. It is an irritant that takes the choice away from readers of reading their book in the format and device that they prefer. This is quite ironic considering that DRM restricts all the new possibilities that made the ebook a desirable format to begin with.

Copyright infringement is a serious problem for the publishing industry and Zubaan does not in any way condone it. However, we are convinced that DRM is not a solution to this problem because it encourages publishers to be suspicious of their own customers rather than have faith in the ability of their readers to understand the harmful effect that piracy has on authors’ and publishers’ livelihoods. Moreover, it has been proven time and time again that DRM is not an infallible technology and DRM-enabled content is as likely to be pirated as content that is DRM-free.

A Plea

All Zubaan ebooks are completely DRM-free, so that you can read them on any of your devices and download them multiple times. To be fair to our authors and to enable us to continue publishing and disseminating their work, we appeal to you to buy copies of these ebooks rather than share or give them away free. Thank you for your support and cooperation. And happy reading!

Where to get them

Zubaan’s ebooks are available on Amazon, Kobo, Flipkart, Barnes & Nobles and other ebook stores around the world. We hope to make them available on our e-store soon, but until then, some of our academic books are available in parts, thanks to our E-Essays Project.

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