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Meet the Team

Urvashi Butalia

Urvashi Butalia

director, Founder and CEO

Urvashi Butalia co-founded Kali for Women in 1984 and in 2003, Zubaan. With over 35 years of experience in feminist and independent publishing, she has a formidable reputation in the industry in India and abroad. She also has a long involvement in the women’s movement in India, and is a well-known writer, both in academia and in the literary world. She has several works to her credit, key among which is her path-breaking study of Partition, The Other Side of Silence: Voices from the Partition of India which won the Oral History Book Association Award and the Nikkei Asia Award for Culture. She has also taught publishing for over 20 years and is on the advisory boards of a number of national and international organisations. She has received many awards, among which are the Pandora award for women's publishing, the French Chevalier des Artes et des Lettres and the Padma Shree, the highest civilian honour awarded by the Indian government.

Anita Roy

Anita Roy

Director, Founder of Young Zubaan

Anita has wide experience in publishing, having worked with Routledge and Manchester University Press in the UK. She worked as academic commissioning editor for Oxford University Press in New Delhi and then helped to set up the Dorling Kindersley office in 1998, which she ran as Executive Director until 2002 when she left to join Zubaan. She is one of the founders of Bookaroo, a children's literature festival, and chief consultant to Jumpstart, a two-day event for professionals in the field of children's books. She is also a writer, with a number of essays to her credit, and has edited several books.

She relocated to the UK in the summer of 2015 and continues to work from there, remaining a much-loved Skype presence in the Zubaan office.

Satish Sharma

Satish Sharma

Director, Chief Financial Officer

Satish has over twenty-seven years of experience working in non-government organizations. He has been with Kali and then Zubaan for fourteen years. He manages the sales figures and accounts of various projects undertaken by Zubaan, as well as contributes a lot to the unhindered functioning of the office space. He can also manage a mean backhand in badminton and give players younger than him a run for their money.

Sukruti Anah Staneley

production editor

Sukruti has arrived in our midst in the days of #deathbybreath2018. As an actual trained professional, she makes sure the books we print are not upside down and have the right covers on them. She handles design and production for our books and outreach, while somehow convincing us our terrible design ideas have merit and magically transforming them into something good.
Sukruti previously worked at The Caravan, and can tell you exactly how best to use Trello. Really.


Meghna Singh

marketing AND COMMUNICATIONS manager, Associate editor

Meghna coordinates Zubaan’s online presence and social media, making sure you know that we're all hard at work. She also coordinates events for Zubaan's Cultures of Peace festivals, Critical Conversations series and book projects. She's our entire marketing and publicity department and uses this to force Instagram photoshoots on us all. (Update 01.05.2018: Meghna is accepting banana donations on behalf of the Shahput Jat Dog RWA. Pls send.)

Siddhesh Gooptu

sales coordinator

Our resident tortured Bengali, Siddhesh usurped sales responsibilities from Meghna while she was busy feeding Shahpur Jat's dogs all her spare bananas. He has previously worked at Carnegie India. He's cleaning up our act, but more specifically our warehousing and stock management. If you show him a book shelf, he'll drape it with fairy lights (and perhaps donate a few books to the book fairies).

In his spare time, Siddhesh enjoys listening to music, watching films, and eating all the pork Sukruti's not allowed to have.

Bidisha Mahanta

Bidisha Mahanta

Projects Manager

Bidisha has swooped in to organise and implement all our project activity! We know, we can’t believe it either. She has introduced us to lai patta and brings us meats from Humanyunpur and news from JNU. She’s helping organise and plan the Body of Evidence project with the Goethe Institut, the Stepping Stones project with the International Development Research Centre, and the Fragrance of Peace project with the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

Ishani Butalia

Ishani Butalia

Commissioning editor, young zubaan

Ishani publishes the Young Zubaan list  (sometimes overstepping into trade and academic) and previously worked on both the Sexual Violence and Impunity (SVI) Project and the Women’s Museum Project. She is trying to stop uttering the phrase "But what if we moved that shelf to this side?" and spend less time obsessing over minute details of our internship programme. Previously, Ishani has worked with The YP Foundation and Music Basti in New Delhi and Rubbabu Inc. in New Jersey.

Elsy Paul

Elsy Paul

Secretary and Receptionist

Elsy has been a committed employee with Kali, and then Zubaan for over twenty-two years. She manages to be Zubaan’s secretary, bookkeeper and receptionist all at the same time! She very grudgingly agrees to give discounts, occasionally.


Santosh Singh


Santosh is our office assistant and postal in-charge. He helps with the delivery and processing orders as well as running important errands which enable the smooth functioning of the office.




Usha is an office assistant and our resident cook, and has been working with Zubaan since 2013. She is Young Zubaan’s greatest fan and is slowly and steadily devouring all the children’s books here to improve her English reading and writing skills.

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